Password Jokes

I was going to change my password to be one of my favourite places in France but it's Toulon.

Like most people, I’ve had that annoying experience of trying to think of a new password that is complex enough to be secure and memorable enough to be useful, and that seemed as good a topic as any, so here are some password jokes.  Don’t worry, none of them are too cryptic, but don’t expect… Continue reading Password Jokes

Internet Jokes

When Dracula shops online, he keeps clicking on the button that says "Your account".

The topic for this week’s one-liners and puns is Internet jokes, so a collection of funnies about this wonderful medium through which we communicate. As always, they come with no guarantee of funniness or originality….       It’s not always easy shopping on eBay. I searched for cigarette lighters, and got over 10000 matches.… Continue reading Internet Jokes

241543903, The number for a head in the freezer

I was talking to a colleague today who mentioned that he had recently bought a freezer, so I asked him if he had google 241543903. This confused him, until he did Google that number, which answered his question as to why I had enquired, but in its own way, created more questions than it answered.… Continue reading 241543903, The number for a head in the freezer