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Internet Jokes

The topic for this week’s one-liners and puns is Internet jokes, so a collection of funnies about this wonderful medium through which we communicate. As always, they come with no guarantee of funniness or originality….




It’s not always easy shopping on eBay. I searched for cigarette lighters, and got over 10000 matches.


Went shopping online for a new toaster, and found a specialist site for it, but gave up. Got too many pop ups.


I spotted a new website all about hitch hiking. It’s got the thumbs up.


When Dracula shops online, he keeps clicking on the button that says “Your account”.


Wasn’t hard to crack Forest Gump’s email password. 1forest1.


A friend of mine keeps getting emails offering him cans of chopped ham and pork. I’ve told him that it’s just spam.


Local tennis club’s website is down. I think they are having problems with their server.


I’m so modern that rather than walking into a room and forgetting why I went there, I open a google page and forget what I was looking for.


I put a video of me sneezing on YouTube and now the whole street is doing the same. Apparently it’s gone viral.


I learnt everything I know about being a trapeze artist online. I couldn’t have done it without the net.


I ordered some bubble wrap online earlier, just to see what it comes wrapped in.


I was shopping online and saw a horse a liked, so I clicked on the “add to cart” button.


I was going to buy an expensive spider from a local pet shop recently, then I realised I could pick up one on the web.


Read about a new website called Took me ages to find it.


Haven’t found out why people like yet. It must have passed me by.




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