CIO Jokes

A friend has got a job running a farm for Old McDonald. He's the new CIEIO.

Regular readers will be aware that I am always keen to take suggestions for topics for pages of puns, so based on such a request, here are some CIO jokes. Just in case any of you are not familiar with the jargon, CIO means Chief Information Officer, or the person leading the technology division of… Continue reading CIO Jokes

Ballet Jokes

Local ballet school took part in a charity football match. It ended up 2-2.

This week’s collection of puns and one liners takes the theme of Ballet Jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…       A friend of mine has just graduated from ballet school with a 2:2.   Why do baby swans like Swan Lake? It’s their cygnet-ure tune.   A… Continue reading Ballet Jokes

Half Jokes

How was the Roman Empire cut in half? With a pair of Caesars.

You might say that many of my puns are at best half jokes, but these half jokes are all puns where the world half makes an appearance. A few might be a bit tenuous, but nothing new there. As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…       They say football… Continue reading Half Jokes

Pigeon Jokes

Pigeons must be wealthy. They have no problem putting deposits on expensive cars.

Pigeons are ubiquitous in the UK, and across much of the world, so a good topic for a page of puns.  Here are some pigeon jokes.  Of course, these jokes come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality as ever…       A friend had bred a messenger pigeon with a woodpecker. Not only… Continue reading Pigeon Jokes