Time Travel Jokes

Time travel classes: Starts 1915.

Last week’s Doctor Who jokes went down well, so on a similar theme this week, here are some time travel jokes. As normal, don’t expect them to be too funny, and you might have to be a time traveller to go to a time when they were new…       I heard a really… Continue reading Time Travel Jokes

Doctor Who Jokes

Called the local council to ask about their plans to prevent Dalek attack. They said steps had been put in place.

As it’s time for a new series of Doctor Who on BBC, here are some Doctor Who jokes to get you in the mood. As normal, don’t expect them to be too funny, and you might need a TARDIS to take you to a time when these were new and fresh…     What does… Continue reading Doctor Who Jokes

Theatre Jokes

Opening a new shadow puppet theatre. Business plan says we'll make a fortune, but those are just projected figures.

I was off last night for a very enjoyable evening watching a friend in a play, and thought that a good topic for this week’s puns and one liners might be theatre jokes, so here are a series that may not have you rolling in the aisles with laughter, or be the most original….  … Continue reading Theatre Jokes

Chocolate Jokes

Opened a mars bar once. Discovered martians love gin.

Perhaps I’m hungry, but the topic (no pun intended) of this week’s one liners is chocolate jokes. The normal caveats apply, that these jokes may not contain that much humour or originality… …and you might need a working knowledge of popular British chocolate bars… I just saw an aircraft made of bubbly chocolate. Think it… Continue reading Chocolate Jokes