Fast Jokes

Which part of Scotland was also Formula One World Champion? Ayr Town Centre.

This weekend sees the Goodwood Festival of Speed, followed by the British Grand Prix next weekend, so here is a series of speedy one liners on the topic of fast jokes.  As normal don’t expect these to be in pole position in the originality or hilarity stakes…       I saw a chap chatting… Continue reading Fast Jokes

Window Jokes

I wrote a story once about a broken window. It's saved in my drafts.

I was looking out the window thinking about the topic for this week’s puns and one liners, so the idea of window jokes seemed as good as any. As normal, don’t expect these to be too funny or original, and you might see right through them…       Heard that burglars used a potato… Continue reading Window Jokes

Spot Jokes

A friend has an illness that's given him a fever and a rash. At least his wifi is better with all the hot spots.

We’ve had a chickenpox outbreak at home, although thankfully I’ve been spared (so far), but as I’ve been thinking about rashes and illness this week, here are a series of spot jokes. Of course, the humour from these jokes may not be infectious, and you may well have heard them before…       I… Continue reading Spot Jokes

Dinosaur Jokes

A friend asked me which writer had the best dinosaur stories. I suggested he try Sarah Topps.

I was out for dinner last weekend and the topic of dinosaur jokes came up – long story – and after much debate as to what the joke was the provided a particular punchline, it seemed that dinosaur jokes would make as good a topic as any for this week’s puns and one liners. Some… Continue reading Dinosaur Jokes