Ironing Jokes

Read a book about a fictional character pressing clothes and putting them away. It's called "The Iron, The Witch and The Wardrobe".

It was suggested to me that a good topic for this week’s puns and one-liners would be ironing jokes, so here are a few gags on that theme. As normal, they may not come with originality or hilarity…       Watching the World Ironing Championships, where the drama is unfolding…   A friend of… Continue reading Ironing Jokes

Vegetable Jokes

Saw a vegetable being delivered to the local library. That's a turnip for the books.

We’ve had pages of jokes about all sorts of food types, so on a similar theme, here are some one liners on the topic of vegetable jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of freshness – or originality if you prefer – or hilarity. There is a risk that you will guffaw more at… Continue reading Vegetable Jokes

Printer Jokes

Putting paper in my printer and it kept flashing a message saying "I just can't get enough". Turned out it was in Depeche Mode.

Like many people working in an office, I spent some time today standing waiting for the printer to finish some documents, and whilst I was waiting, I thought that a good topic for this week’s one liners and puns would be printer jokes. So, here are a few, although they come as normal with no… Continue reading Printer Jokes

Candle Jokes

I searched on eBay for something to light my lamp. It said “no matches found”.

I was looking around the room for a topic for this week’s one liners, and spotted a candle, so here are some candle jokes. Don’t expect too much originality or hilarity…       Candle wax. It gets on my wick.   When Joseph Swan thought of the light bulb, did a candle appear above… Continue reading Candle Jokes