Commonwealth Games Jokes

It’s the Commonwealth Fishing event today. I hear it’s all online. Anyone got a good stream?

The UK finds itself in he wonderful position of hosting he world’s third biggest summer games at the moment, after hosting the second biggest – The WPFG – in Belfast in 2013, and of course, the biggest – The London Olympics – in 2012. So, in their honour, here are some Commonwealth Games jokes. Unlike… Continue reading Commonwealth Games Jokes

Tree Jokes

A local bank is opening an ATM in a tree. If its successful, they might expand to other branches.

It’s Friday, so time for some one liners. Today, it’s the turn of tree jokes. I’m tempted to branch out to some puns,but maybe I should leaf it as it is…. As normal, these come with no guarantee of funniness or originality.     How does a tree get on the Internet? It logs in.… Continue reading Tree Jokes

Football Jokes

Great start to the season for Lion King FC: a win away, a win away, a win away...

This weekend sees the World Cup final, so it seems a good opportunity to have a few football jokes. Most seem to be about a specific team or player, but I thought I would stay neutral and just go for the silly… As normal, they come with no guarantee of funniness or originality… If you’re… Continue reading Football Jokes

Tennis Jokes

Not surprised by the high divorce rate among tennis players. Love means nothing to them.

I may be at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix this weekend – how exciting! – but there is another sporting event on in the UK which is likely to get just a little bit of attention, so with Wimbledon reaching its climax, this week’s collection of one-liners and puns is in the form of… Continue reading Tennis Jokes