Reindeer Jokes

Why did no one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on eBay? Because they were two deer…

It’s Christmas Day, and as we have already had Christmas Cracker Jokes and Christmas Jumper Jokes, here are some Reindeer Jokes.  These jokes, as normal, come with no guarantee of funniness or originality… What is the difference between St George and Santa’s reindeer? One slays a dragon, the others are dragging a sleigh. What do… Continue reading Reindeer Jokes

Star Wars Jokes

adobe wan kenobi

You may have noticed that there is a new Star Wars film which has been released this week, and many people like me are hoping to relive that childhood excitement of seeing the original films in the series, and that The Force Awakens is more like the original three films than the prequels. I’m off… Continue reading Star Wars Jokes

Winter Jokes

Cold weather is here. Had to scrape ice of my windscreen this morning. Used my supermarket loyalty card. Only got 10% off.

It’s getting a bit cold, wet and wintry outside at the moment – at least, it is here in the UK – so it seems time for some winter jokes.  Don’t expect there to be too much hilarity or originality though….       How do you make a bed in winter? With sheets of… Continue reading Winter Jokes

Lorry Jokes

A lorry load of marmite has crashed on the M4. It's on the yeast bound carriageway.

This week’s puns and one liners take the form of Lorry Jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…       Traffic jam caused by a lorry load of terrapins hitting a lorry load of tortoises. Turtle chaos.   Saw a film about a lorry load of shoemakers. What a… Continue reading Lorry Jokes

Electric Jokes

Electric razors are the best thing since sliced beard.

I was looking out a window trying to think of a topic for this week’s one liners and a pylon in the distance was the inspiration for a page on electric jokes. As normal, no guarantee of hilarity or originality, but they may be shocking…       Saw a bull caught in an electric… Continue reading Electric Jokes

Philosophy Jokes

Apparently Karl Marx's toilet plays music when it flushes because of the violins inherent in the cistern.

I got the first one liner below in my head yesterday and seemed to tell it over and over again, so it seemed that a good topic for this week’s puns is philosophy jokes.  Of course these words of wisdom may not contain originality or humour….       Apparently Karl Marx’s toilet plays music… Continue reading Philosophy Jokes

Tea Jokes

I used to think the film Alien was about making a cup of tea. “I can’t open this milk!” “In space, no one can. Here, use cream.”

I was having a cup of tea thinking about what might make a good topic for a page of one liners for this week, and drew inspiration from that particular beverage.  So, here are a series of tea jokes, although they may provide less relaxation than a cuppa, and are unlikely to hold much hilarity… Continue reading Tea Jokes

Clown Jokes

A clown held a door open for me the other day. I thought, "what a nice jester".

Last weekend was Halloween and my costume for this year was that of a clown, and perhaps a rather scary one. It was suggested that this would be a good topic for some one liners, so here are a few clown jokes. Don’t expect them to be too funny or original….       Did… Continue reading Clown Jokes

Ghost Jokes

Read a book called "Wooooooooh". I suspect it was written by a ghost writer.

It’s Halloween this weekend, and as we have had Halloween, Vampire and Dracula jokes in the past, here are some Ghost Jokes. They come, as normal, with no guarantee of funniness or originality. In fact, you might recognise some that have appeared before.  They might cause more frights than laughs…       I’ve noticed that… Continue reading Ghost Jokes

Clock Jokes

I used to have a friend who kept changing the sound that his alarm clock made. I wonder what he's getting up to now?

Clocks seem to be all the rage at the moment, with Wednesday having been “Back To The Future Day”, the day that Marty McFly went forward in time to in the second of the films, and with clocks changing this weekend. We’ve had time jokes and time travel jokes before, so there may be a… Continue reading Clock Jokes