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adobe wan kenobi
adobe wan kenobi

You may have noticed that there is a new Star Wars film which has been released this week, and many people like me are hoping to relive that childhood excitement of seeing the original films in the series, and that The Force Awakens is more like the original three films than the prequels. I’m off to watch it later today, and in the meantime, here are some Star Wars jokes, which may not be that original or funny…




Why did the Jedi cross the road? To get to the Dark Side.


Went to a Star Wars themed restaurant. Friend of mine had a Wookie steak. Apparently it was a little chewy.


Anyone who helps the chap behind Star Wars becomes a George Lucozade.


I hear there’s a new soap opera starting soon featuring ewoks. It’s called EastEndors.


I’ve got a statue of Darth Vader. I call it Mannequin Skywalker.


Used to wonder how Darth Vader ate with that mask on then I realised he’s probably force fed.


I asked Yoda what he reccomended between the unbaked bread, the fried dessert, or the banoffee. He said “Dough or doughnut. There is no pie”.


What do Jedi use to open PDF files? Adobe Wan Kenobi.


Luke Skywalker & Obi Wan Kenobi were in a restaurant eating with chopsticks. Spotting that his friend was struggling with the cutlery, Obi Wan said “use the forks, Luke”.


How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for Christmas? He felt his presents.


Elvis didn’t like the present the Ewoks sent him. He wrote on it “Return to Endor”


Best way to make a digital stir-fry in a galaxy far, far away is with an E-Wok


Darth has a sister who’s going up in the world, Ellie Vader.


Why did Darth Vader search the guitar shop? To find the hidden rebel bass.


Who was the winner in the Imperial spaceship race? It was a TIE.


What do you call a robot that changes the direction of a spaceship?  R2 Detour.


What network is Luke Skywalker on? Yodafone.




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