Laptop Jokes

Was going to plug my laptop into my hi-fi but was worried I might end up stereotyping.

I was staring at my laptop thinking about what could be this week’s page of one liners, and the idea of laptop jokes sprung to mind. I hope as always that you like these, and give the caveat that they may not be either the funniest or most original jokes that you read today….  … Continue reading Laptop Jokes

Baggage Jokes

Watched a British 70s comedy film about travelling by plane. Carry On Baggage.

I was at an event in New York this week and my jokes were a topic of conversation, and after a drink or two, we talked about a suitable topic for this week’s collection.  After a particular story about luggage at an airport had caused much interest and debate, we decided that this week we… Continue reading Baggage Jokes

Alphabetical List of Joke Topics

alphabetical list of joke topics

As the list of joke pages gets longer, it’s getting harder to find a particular topic in the list, so here are is an alphabetical list of joke topics, which will be updated as new pages are added. A Accent Jokes Acting Jokes Addiction Jokes Airport Jokes Alarm Jokes Alice in Wonderland Jokes Alien Jokes… Continue reading Alphabetical List of Joke Topics

Snow Jokes

How do you find actor Will Smith in a snow drift? Look for the Fresh Prints.

The first snow flurries of the winter for many in Britain have either just happened or are just about to, although of course parts of Scotland have been seeing snow for weeks. However, it seems a good time for some snow jokes, although this downfall may not be too funny or original…      … Continue reading Snow Jokes

Presents Jokes

A friend bought a new wig before going on holiday, so I got him a comb as a parting gift.

Christmas has just finished, and everyone has opened their presents, so here are some presents jokes for those still thinking about their gifts. As normal, these may not come with the gift of originality or hilarity….       Got a great Christmas present for a friend, “100 famous songs that are difficult to play”.… Continue reading Presents Jokes

Start Jokes

Time travel classes: Starts 1915.

It’s the 1st January, so a Happy New Year to you.  Given that it’s the first day of the year, then Start Jokes, or one liners about starting something seem a good topic for today’s puns.  Of course, although this may be all about starting things, these jokes come with no guarantee of originality or… Continue reading Start Jokes