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Time travel classes: Starts 1915.
Time travel classes: Starts 1915.

It’s the 1st January, so a Happy New Year to you.  Given that it’s the first day of the year, then Start Jokes, or one liners about starting something seem a good topic for today’s puns.  Of course, although this may be all about starting things, these jokes come with no guarantee of originality or humour….

A friend wanted to start collecting dogs. I gave him a couple of pointers.

Planning to start a jewellery business. If you want to help, give me a ring.

Time travel classes: Starts 1915.

Need training before I start my new job at a restaurant. I can’t wait.

A man walks into a bar with a jump lead. Barman says “you can have a beer but don’t start anything”.

There are two types of people in the world. Those that finish what they start.

Best way to learn cross country skiing is to start with a small country.

Those that start revolutions are just going round in circles.

A friend has gone into business fixing car ignitions. It’s a start up.

I dreamed someone was shouting “On your marks… Get Set…”. I woke with a start.

Was going to start a business selling broken parts of planes but it didn’t take off.

A friend is an award winning dermatologist who started from scratch.

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