Egg Jokes

A chicken and an egg walk into a bar.  The barman says, "Who's first?"
A chicken and an egg walk into a bar.  The barman says, "Who's first?"

It’s Easter this weekend, so it seems as a good a time as any to have some egg jokes. Now, eggs give plenty of opportunities for puns, so this could be a long list… The only things missing are probably hilarity and originality…



Where’s the best place to find out about eggs? In a hencyclopedia.


What’s an egg’s least favourite day? Fryday.


What do you call a travelling egg? An Eggsplorer.


How do chickens leave the motorway? They take the eggs-it.


I’ve decided to put all my eggs in one basket so I don’t look daft walking around the supermarket.


Great Eggspectations. A classic novel by Charles Chickens.


Why did the chicken sit on an axe? She wanted to hatchet.


What is a chicken racing driver’s favourite part of the car? The Eggs-celerator.


A chicken and an egg walk into a bar.  The barman says, “Who’s first?”


I bought a dalek egg timer.  After three minutes, it shouts “Eggs Terminate”…


What does a space chicken lay? Eggstra-Terrestrials.


What do you call a chicken in a shell suit?  An egg.


Why does a French man normally only have a single egg for breakfast?  Because one egg is an oeuf.


Spent hours questioning an egg.  Think it’s about to crack.


I saw the world’s largest egg this week.  That will take some beating.


You can’t beat an egg based dessert.  Am I right, or a meringue?


I was going to go to a fancy dress party as an Easter Egg.  Foiled again.



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