Curry Jokes

I ordered a pelican curry the other night. It tasted ok but the bill was enormous.

It’s Boxing Day, which means that there are plenty of people out there making turkey curry – and turkey sandwiches and all sorts of other turkey based dishes, no doubt – so what better topic for today’s puns and one-liners than curry jokes.  As normal, don’t expect an original recipe, or too much added funniness…… Continue reading Curry Jokes

Party Jokes

There is an 80s fancy dress party that my wife doesn’t want me to dress as a pop star for, but I’m adamant...

One of the features of this Christmas time of the year is the number of celebrations that occur, and the opportunities to catch up with various groups of friends, family and colleagues.  I’ve been to a few parties over the last few days and realised that I had not thought of any jokes, or even… Continue reading Party Jokes

There Are Two Types of People jokes…

There are two types of people in the world. Those that finish what they start.

A conversation over coffee this week seemed to feature lots of one-liners that featured the starting phrase, “There are two types of people in the world…” or something similar, so here are a series of Two Types of People jokes.  That said, if one of the types of people is those that post original and… Continue reading There Are Two Types of People jokes…

Horse Jokes

A racehorse walks into a bar with its entourage. The barman says "you can't come in here with those trainers".

This week’s series of one-liners and puns takes the form of horse jokes.  They, as ever, come with no guarantee of funniness or originality…     Got annoyed when I found out someone had used my raw materials for a new scarecrow to feed their horse. That was the last straw.   What do you… Continue reading Horse Jokes

Plane Jokes

Bought a new plane the other day. Disappointed that they wouldn't let me keep the hangar.

We have had one liners about other forms of transport before, and this week, the topic for the puns is plane jokes, so hopefully these will get off to a flying start. As normal, don’t expect them to take off with too much hilarity or originality…       Just saw an aircraft made of… Continue reading Plane Jokes

Field jokes

I saw a field with only one tree in it. I thought, "That doesn't look poplar".

No particular reason for the topic this week, but this page of one liners and puns is all about field jokes.  As usual, don’t expect too much hilarity or originality.  And these are not outstanding in their field…     Two cows in a field. One says “Moo”. The other says, “I was going to… Continue reading Field jokes

Interim Management Jokes

Another friend got a job as a postman. On his first day, he was handed a letter. He looked at it, and thought “this isn’t for me”.

I’ve posted jokes on various topics and sometimes do get requests. My colleague Martin suggested a topic of interim management for this week’s one liners, which is rather specific, but I think there are a few out there… As normal, these Interim Management Jokes come with no guarantee of funniness or originality.      … Continue reading Interim Management Jokes

Firework Jokes

Got my friend an unnecessarily large rocket this year. He's over the moon.

This week saw the 5th November, when in England the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 is remembered with fireworks and bonfires, so the topic for this week’s one liners and puns is firework jokes. As normal, don’t expect originality or hilarity; some of these are probably older than the Gunpowder Plot…     I’m good at… Continue reading Firework Jokes

Dracula Jokes

When Dracula shops online, he keeps clicking on the button that says "Your account".

Last year at Halloween, we had Halloween Jokes, so this year, a bit more specific with Dracula Jokes. Of course, some of these are as old as the legends themselves, and certainly far from being either original or too funny…..       Do you think Dracula spends today online shopping, and keeps clicking on… Continue reading Dracula Jokes

Insect Jokes

Saw a fantastic film about a very large insect. It was XL ant.

After last week’s spider jokes proved popular, the next natural topic seems to be insect jokes. Or, at least, as much as any topic for these jokes seems to make sense. As normal, they come with no guarantee of originality or funniness. Although these ones might bug you a bit more….     What do… Continue reading Insect Jokes