Fish Jokes

I'd tell you a joke about herbs and fish but this isn't the thyme or the plaice.

Someone sent me some fish jokes this week, so it seemed a good choice for this week’s one liners, so here are some fish jokes. As normal, don’t expect too much originality or hilarity.       I had a cup of coffee with a penguin yesterday.  He said he would have preferred a fish.… Continue reading Fish Jokes

Yellow Jokes

What's yellow and can't swim? A JCB.

I am not entirely sure why I chose this topic for the week’s one liners, but here are some puns on the theme of yellow jokes.  As normal, don’t expect too much originality or hilarity…       Friend of mine is in an 80s tribute band who wear yellow metal plates. Banana Armour.  … Continue reading Yellow Jokes

Badger Jokes

Out clubbing the other night, and DJ Badger was playing. Great sett.

I seemed to end up wearing a badger mask this week, so why not badger jokes as the topic of the one liners. As normal they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…       I was driving through the countryside when my sat nav said “bear left”. It was clearly a badger.… Continue reading Badger Jokes

Frost Jokes

Cold weather is here. Had to scrape ice of my windscreen this morning. Used my supermarket loyalty card. Only got 10% off.

Cold mornings have returned, and I had to find my deicer this week.  In fact, it took me so long to find my deicer that my car had already done the work, which gave me time to think of some frost jokes.  As normal, don’t expect any originality or hilarity…       Cold weather… Continue reading Frost Jokes