Yellow Jokes

What's yellow and can't swim? A JCB.
What's yellow and can't swim? A JCB.

I am not entirely sure why I chose this topic for the week’s one liners, but here are some puns on the theme of yellow jokes.  As normal, don’t expect too much originality or hilarity…




Friend of mine is in an 80s tribute band who wear yellow metal plates. Banana Armour.


What’s yellow and goes bzzzzz? An electric lemon.


Why did Sherlock Holmes ask his friend Watson for a yellow front door? Lemon Entry.


Went on holiday to Oz recently, and got a hire car with a sat nav. Don’t think much of it, though, it just keeps telling me to follow the yellow brick road.


What’s yellow and can’t swim? A JCB.


What is yellow and smells like blue paint? Yellow paint.


I just bought a new pair of yellow slip ons. They’re made of banana skins.


What do you call a fly in a black and yellow jumper? A wannabee.


What’s yellow and spongy? A sponge.


What’s yellow and swings from cake to cake? Tarzipan.


And the old classic… what’s yellow and dangerous?  Shark Infested Custard.




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