Economy Jokes

How many economists does it take to change a light bulb? None, if it was broken, the market would fix it.

Another week, another request for a topic.  Well, sort of.  Heidi and I were discussing the pros and cons of quantitative easing recently, and that seemed as good as any, so here are some economy jokes.  Of course, of all the revelations you might find here, originality and funniness are unlikely to be among them.… Continue reading Economy Jokes

Walks Into A Bar jokes

A pantomime horse walks into a bar. The barman says “would you like a pint?” The horse says, “no, two halves”.

I’ve had a request this week for a topic for the puns and one liners, so thanks to Phil, this week’s page is A Man Walks Into A Bar jokes.  I have left out the most obvious ones, but there is still no guarantee of originality or funniness…  No doubt, some of you will want… Continue reading Walks Into A Bar jokes

Karaoke Jokes

Someone took a photo of me singing REM songs at karaoke. That's me in the corner.

I had the joy last weekend of spending a couple of hours in a karaoke room with a group of friends, and whilst the best policy was “what happens in the karaoke room stays in the karaoke room” applies – my lack in singing talent was made up for with enthusiasm – it seems that… Continue reading Karaoke Jokes

7 Very Apt Street Names in the UK

The idea of nomative determination – where someone’s name determines their fate to some extent – is not new, with examples like Danone UK’s boss Bruno Fromage. However, it appears that this trend extends to roads and streets as well as people. Here are a few of my favourites. 1. There’s an old joke that… Continue reading 7 Very Apt Street Names in the UK

Bike Jokes

A friend of mine works for a company that makes bikes. He's their spokesman.

I’m writing this in early January, and there seem to be even more people than normal out on bikes at the moment. No doubt New Year resolutions for many include getting fit, and I’m sure there were plenty of new bicycles that arrived as Christmas presents a couple of weeks ago, so this week the… Continue reading Bike Jokes

Road Jokes

I was taking the road out of the city the other day when someone told me to put it back.

Welcome to 2015.  My first page of one liners and pus this year is about road jokes, possibly because of my six hour drive earlier this week after a Christmas holiday visit.  As normal, don’t expect these to be particularly original or funny…     I know someone in a band called White Line. They’re… Continue reading Road Jokes