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I had the joy last weekend of spending a couple of hours in a karaoke room with a group of friends, and whilst the best policy was “what happens in the karaoke room stays in the karaoke room” applies – my lack in singing talent was made up for with enthusiasm – it seems that a good theme for the puns and one-liners this week is karaoke jokes.  Like most karaoke performances, don’t expect originality, but unlike some, don’t expect hilarity either…



Friend of mine did an awful version of an 80s Classic at karaoke. It went down like 99 lead balloons.


Was out with some friends, and one pulled out of singing at karaoke at the last minute. I had to duet myself.


Someone took a photo of me singing REM songs at karaoke. That’s me in the corner.


Got a singing coach to help me with karaoke but had to get rid of him because he was so selfish. It was always mi mi mi with him.


Another karaoke coach was hard to resist when he tried to sell me his services. He had an impressive pitch.


Agreed to do karaoke with some friends recently and found out the bar only had disco classics. At first I was afraid. I was petrified.


A karaoke singer stayed with me once, but had to ask him to move out. He never knew when to come in, and could never find the key.


At any karaoke, the urge to sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight is never more than a whim away.



Did karaoke at a bar that had U2 songs with no guitar track. It took the edge off them.


Chap I know went to the doctor and said “I keep singing The Green Green Grass of home at karaoke”. The doctor said “you’ve got Tom Jones syndrome.”




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