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One of the features of this Christmas time of the year is the number of celebrations that occur, and the opportunities to catch up with various groups of friends, family and colleagues.  I’ve been to a few parties over the last few days and realised that I had not thought of any jokes, or even a theme, for this week’s page, so I’ve gone with Party Jokes.  Of course, these one liners and puns may not be what brings either the funniness or originality to your party….



Neighbours told me to bring bangers and rocket to their firework party. My sausage and peppery lettuce sandwiches didn’t go down well.


Been invited to a hair washing party. I’ve no excuse not to go.


There is an 80s fancy dress party that my wife doesn’t want me to dress as a pop star for, but I’m adamant…


Went to a railway fancy dress party. Everyone was wearing platforms


Went to a fancy dress party as an alarm clock. Got really irritated, everyone was winding me up.


Going to a recycling party this weekend. The invite said to bring a bottle.


All this space tourism might mean that there could, one day, be an actual party on the moon. Don’t think I’ll go, though, I suspect it won’t have much atmosphere.


Going to a fancy dress party as a sweet shop owner. Tried on my outfit, and my wife said “Give me a twirl”. I thought “blimey, it must be convincing”.


How do you know if there is a pilot at the same party as you? He’ll tell you.


I went to a fancy dress pool party once. There was a large cue outside



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