Electric Jokes

I was looking out a window trying to think of a topic for this week’s one liners and a pylon in the distance was the inspiration for a page on electric jokes. As normal, no guarantee of hilarity or originality, but they may be shocking…




Saw a bull caught in an electric fence. Think it was charging.


Why did the electrician marry his colleague? He couldn’t resistor.


Really nice car park here. The sign says “You will be charged after 2 hours”. Very kind, I thought, as I parked my electric car.


What’s yellow and goes bzzzzz? An electric lemon.


A friend uses electric dough to make bread. It’s not what he wants, it’s watt he kneads.


What’s an electrician’s favourite car? A volts wagen.


Who was the first electric detective? Sherlock Ohms.


Electric razors are the best thing since sliced beard.


What’s a bad electrician’s favourite confectionary? Shock-a-lot.


I learned to drive in an electric car. It had joule control.


I spent so long thinking about these, now my head hertz.


Why do anarchists live without electricity? Because they believe all power corrupts.


A battery and a firework were arrested. One was charged, the other let off.





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