Lorry Jokes

I had a bit of a close encounter with a truck this week on the motorway, which you can see here, and it made me think of lorry related pins, so here are a page of lorry jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…




Traffic jam caused by a lorry load of terrapins hitting a lorry load of tortoises. Turtle chaos.


Saw a film about a lorry load of shoemakers. What a load of cobblers.


Best lorry I’ve seen is from a digestive company. It takes the biscuit.


A lorry load of peppercorns has crashed. Traffic has ground to a halt.


What has one horn and provides milk? A dairy lorry.


Saw a lorry load of pens crash. It was a write off.


A lorry load of marmite has crashed on the M4. It’s on the yeast bound carriageway.


Tried driving a lorry in Cairo once, it was chaos. Noise everywhere. Full of tooting car men.


A lorry load of glue crashed on the motorway. A got stuck in traffic for hours.


A lorry load of wigs have been stolen. Police are combing that area.


A lorry carrying a load of sinus sprays has crashed on the M6. Police say there will be no congestion in the area for 4 hours.




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