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We’ve had a chickenpox outbreak at home, although thankfully I’ve been spared (so far), but as I’ve been thinking about rashes and illness this week, here are a series of spot jokes. Of course, the humour from these jokes may not be infectious, and you may well have heard them before…




I asked the doctor if he could cure my measels. He said he doesn’t make rash promises.


A dermatologist friend of mine started his career from scratch.


A friend is allergic to escaping prison. He breaks out in a rash.


How do you spot a secret agent? Give him measles.


A friend’s spot burst when he went to the pharmacist. Puss in Boots.


A friend has an illness that’s given him a fever and a rash. At least his wifi is better with all the hot spots.


A neighbour told me he had spotted a lion. I think it’s more likely to be a leopard.


What’s black and red all over? A panda with measles.


What do you call a meerkat with measles? Pimples.


I shared a London taxi with a group of spotty youths. Think it was an acne carriage.




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