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A friend has got a job running a farm for Old McDonald. He's the new CIEIO.
A friend has got a job running a farm for Old McDonald. He's the new CIEIO.

Regular readers will be aware that I am always keen to take suggestions for topics for pages of puns, so based on such a request, here are some CIO jokes. Just in case any of you are not familiar with the jargon, CIO means Chief Information Officer, or the person leading the technology division of a large company. As normal, these come with no commitment to originality or hilarity….




I wouldn’t say that my friend wasn’t cut out to be a CIO, but when he heard the servers all had windows, he bought some curtains.


I used to be CIO of a leading ladder company until I got asked to stand down.


A CIO I know thought a cloud telephony solution was a good idea, but ended up with mist calls.


CIO of the local tennis club was looking stressed because of website problems. I think their server is down.


Always a difficult time for a CIO when Dracula discovers their website. He just spends all day clicking on “Your Account”.


A CIO I know realised there was no budget left for hardware when the cache ran out.


Told a friend that I had a new job as CIO of a bowling company. “Ten pin?” “No, permanent”.


I’ve learned that the Java developers in my team often wear glasses because they can’t C#.


It was an easy move from installing air conditioning units to being a CIO. Both jobs are all about losing efficiency when people start opening windows.


Many CIO’s favourite band is the Black IPs.


Running a bird sanctuary, I thought our pigeon expert could run the IT department, then I realised he’s better placed as COO.


Putting paper in my printer and it kept flashing a message saying “I just can’t get enough”. Turned out it was in Depeche Mode.


A friend has got a job running a farm for Old McDonald. He’s the new CIEIO.


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