Tolkein in my sleep

Dream Jokes

The title of this week’s page of one-liners and puns is Dream Jokes, but before you think that these are perfect in a dreamy way, they are actually just a series of corny jokes about dreams.  As normal, they come with no guarantee of being either funny or original…




I dreamt I wrote The Hobbit the other night.  I think I was Tolkein in my sleep.


Had a nightmare once about being trapped in Panama during a snowstorm. Turns out I was just dreaming of a white isthmus.


I had a recurring dream once.


I dreamed someone was shouting “On your marks… Get Set…”.  I woke with a start.


I would tell you about my dream involving a Lion, a Witch and a Wardrobe, but it’s Narnia business.


I had a a recurring dream about being in a restaurant with two friends when the bill came to £100.  We split it.  It was £33.33333333333…..


A friend is convinced that everyone dreams in black and white.  I told him I dream in colour, he told me “it’s just a pigment of your imagination”…


A chap I know got a role where he was paid to sleep.  It was his dream job.




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