Trampoline Jokes

Met the chap who invented trampolining. Nice guy, but a bit jumpy.
Met the chap who invented trampolining. Nice guy, but a bit jumpy.

This week’s topics for one liners is one that has its ups and downs, so here are some trampoline jokes.  As normal, don’t expect too much hilarity or originality.




Been washing my trampoline. Seemed time to do some spring cleaning.


I have a phobia of trampolines.. I can’t help it, they just always make me jump!


A friend replaced his bed with a trampoline without telling his partner. She hit the roof.


Had a go on a trampoline, wasn’t sure about it. It had its ups and downs.


Local trampoline business is having a hard time. Hope they bounce back.


Met the chap who invented trampolining.  Nice guy, but a bit jumpy.


Recently trained as a trampoline instructor. If my job ever goes wrong, I’ve got something to fall back on.


What do you call a sheep on a trampoline? A woolly jumper.


Just been promoted at the trampoline factory. Didn’t think my career could reach such heights.


Saw a sign saying “Trampolines Half Price”. I jumped on the offer.


Bought a friend a trampoline, he’s over the moon. It was more powerful than I thought.




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