I said hummus

Pool Jokes

The topic for this week’s one liners is pool jokes, with the various meanings of the word pool included. As normal, they come with the warning that they may be neither hilarious or original…




I read a book called The Swimming Pool. It started out rather shallow but had a very deep end.


I went to a fancy dress pool party once. There was a large cue outside.


Two owls are playing pool when one misses. The other says “two hits”, the first says “two hits to who?”


What do you call a woman who plays pool whilst balancing four pint on her? Beatrix Potter.


Why did the elephants jump in the pool? They had their trunks with them.


They’ve started a collection to open a pool near me. I gave them a glass of water.


Took a dip in the local pool. The lifeguard said “what have you got there?” I said “hummus”.


What direction do chickens swim in a pool? Cluck wise.


Someone has stolen a collection of inflatables from the local pool. Police think he’s decided to lilo.



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