Tent Jokes

You can't run through a camp site, only ran. It's past tents.
You can't run through a camp site, only ran. It's past tents.

As the summer comes to an end and the onset of Autumn starts, here are a few tent jokes to reminisce about the summer. As normal don’t expect hilarity or originality.




Why are circus clowns often stressed? Because their job is in tents.


Local farmer helped me in to his field to camp with a step over his fence. I like his stile.


Was out camping when a monk tried to sell me flowers but I said no. I like to do my bit to prevent florist friars.


Chap goes to the doctor and says “sometimes I think I’m a yurt, and sometimes a tipi”. The doctor says “you’re two tents”.


You can’t run through a camp site, only ran. It’s past tents.


Bought stuff cheap from the Richard III Camping Shop last December. The sign said “Now Is The Winter Of Our Discount Tents”


Got camping insurance but apparently if someone steals my tent in the middle of the night I’m no longer covered.


When does a detective stay in a tent? When he’s under cover.


Wanted a cheap holiday so went camping in Derbyshire, in the Off Peak District.


Camping in a field and we found an old Landrover. That was a nice Discovery.




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