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Pirate Jokes for International Talk Like A Pirate Day….

As yesterday, 19th September, was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, this week’s collection of unoriginal and groan inducing one liners take the form of pirate jokes.  They are the normal collection of one-liners and puns, but with a particular theme this week.  A couple of these may seem a little familiar…




A chap in the pub sold me a pirate Sat Nav. It tells you exactly where you arrrrr…


What do you call a pirate robot? Arrrrr2D2.


Why does the Pirates of The Caribbean DVD have a piracy warning?


How can you tell if a treasure map was written by a pirate chicken? Eggs marks the spot.


Saw a pirate standing in a pile of gold that came part way up his legs. He learned that his booty was only shin deep.


What did Long John Silver say on his 80th birthday? Aye matey…


Do pirates shop at Arrrgos?


What sort of socks do pirates wear? Arrrgyle


What do you call an athletic pirate? Gym lad.


Why are pirates called pirates? Because they arrrrr….


Which letter keeps pirates calm? P, without it they are irate.


A chap down the pub tried to sell me a DVD that had 3.14 stars. I think it was pi-rated.


A pirate had his ear pierced in the US. It was a buck an ear.


Local pirate’s exam results came out recently. High Cs.


There arrrrrr two types of people in the world. Those who like pirates, and those who do not.


Why can’t you play cards with a pirate? Because they are standing on the deck….




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