still finding his feet

More Bad Jokes for a Friday

As always, Friday is the day for bad jokes that might not be that funny or original…  I do hope that you enjoy them and don’t groan too much.




A friend replaced his bed with a trampoline without telling his partner. She hit the roof.


A friend’s desire to always think outside the box ended his career as a goalkeeper.


A friend stopped his origami classes because there was too much paperwork.


A friend got a new job as a chiropodist and found the first day really difficult. I guess he was still finding his feet.


Tried to explain puns to a kleptomaniac friend today, but he kept taking things literally.


A chap with a jump lead turned up at a nightclub the other evening.  The bouncer looked at him and said “You can come in, but don’t start anything”…


Local tennis club’s website is down.  I think they are having problems with their server.


Dracula spends his time on shopping websites clicking on the button that says “Your Account”


Really interested in my friend’s new blotting paper company.  It’s really absorbing.


Learnt everything I know about being a trapeze artist online.  Couldn’t have done it without the net.




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