Camouflage Jokes

Really good camouflage is hard to find.
Really good camouflage is hard to find.

This week’s puns and one liners take the form of Camouflage Jokes. As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…

Friend got some camouflage skates. He can hide but he can’t run.

I know someone who tried to runway after camouflaging a railway. He tried to cover his tracks.

I went to buy a camouflage outfit the other day, but I couldn’t find any.

Yet another meeting of The Camouflage Club when no one else has turned up.

Bought a camouflage jacket the other day but I can’t see myself wearing it.

“I didn’t see you at camouflage training”.
“Thank you, sir”.

I used to have a girlfriend who often wore camouflage. She was Heidi.

Someone told me they were going to make a smell camouflage. I think it makes no scents.

I thought about starting a company that makes camouflage planes. I can’t see it taking off.

Really good camouflage is hard to find.

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