I asked why the zebra has a barcode

Zebra Jokes

Right to the end of the alphabet for this week’s page of puns and one liners, which are on the theme of zebra jokes, with no mention of anything being black and white and red all over… And of course, they come with the normal warning of no guarantee of hilarity or originality.


I wonder if zebras appear more slender than they actually are because of how they wear their stripes?


My zebra is a rubbish ballet dancer. I think he’s got two left feet.


All these years of technological developments and I still haven’t seen a colour photo of a panda or a zebra.


A zebra is the safest place to cross the road. Unless you are actually a zebra.


I told a friend that I thought his pet zebra was a fake. He said, “Well spotted”.


Got a pet zebra, didn’t realise how hungry they are. He eats like a horse.


What do you get if you cross a pelican and zebra? Two streets further away.


The zookeeper told me I wasn’t allowed to buy the animals so I asked why the zebra had a barcode.


Zebras usually hold strong opinions. They are very black and white creatures.


Zebras aren’t fans of colouring books. They don’t like having to stay between the lions.


I was driving through the safari park when my sat nav said “bear left”. It was clearly a zebra.


A chap sees a zebra sitting on a seat beside him in the cinema eating popcorn. He says “what are you doing here?” The zebra says, “well, I enjoyed the book”.


A teacher asks the class to name six mammals that you might find in Africa. One of the pupils replies, “five zebras and a lion”.


Thought I saw a zebra in a field near my house recently, turned out to be a horse in his pyjamas.


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