Paint Jokes

A conversation this week about a Pun Of The Day conversation ended up with us talking about Paint Jokes, so here are some one liners on that topic. As normal, don’t expect hilarity or originality…




What’s red and smells like blue paint? Red paint.


A bald friend painted rabbits on his head. They look like hares from a distance.


When asked why he had painted his front door yellow, Sherlock Holmes replied “Lemon Entry, my dear Watson”.


Saw a chap painting pictures of bikes on a local church roof. Cycleangelo.


How did the cheese maker paint his boat? He double Gloucester.


Bought some graffiti proof paint. It’s unremarkable.


On my way to an 80s themed fancy dress party, I asked my wife to paint stripes on my face. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Yes, I’m adamant”.


A painter friend has some of his work in view at the local gallery. He did the skirting boards.


And of course, the classic…


A ship load of red paint crashed into a ship load of blue paint. The crews were marooned.




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