he was the lie in king

King Jokes

This week’s topic for puns and one liners is King Jokes, after meeting the King in Kronborg Castle earlier in the week…  As normal, these come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality… and some are royally awful.




You never see King Edwards or Jersey Royals presenting sport on TV. Only Common Taters.


There’s a new pizza shop here called Good King Wenceslas. All their pizzas are deep pan, crisp and even.


Simba was always the last of the pride to get out of bed.  He was the lie-in king.


The king took a risk by moving the meat store to the top of the castle’s tower.  The steaks are high.


Which king invented the fireplace?  Alfred The Grate.


A chap jumps in a taxi says, “King Arthur’s Close”. The taxi driver says, “Don’t worry I’ll lose him at the lights”…


Why did the king go to the dentist?  To get his teeth crowned…


Which of King Arthur’s knights invented the Round Table for Camelot?  Sir Conference.


The king asked his fool for a joke and the fool just shrugged. He was the court gesture.


Which king also ran a chocolate factory? William the Wonkerer.



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