Fog Jokes

I used some magic to make some fog laugh. It was mist tickle.
I used some magic to make some fog laugh. It was mist tickle.

The inclement weather that has plagued my morning commute this week seemed as good an inspiration as any for some puns, so here is a page of fog jokes. I should add, though, that I do remember a journey around the M25, London’s orbital road, about twenty years ago, with a friend who asked why there were lots of signs saying “F zero nine”. We had no idea what she meant until she pointed one out. You’ve guess it, it said “Fog”. True story… As normal, these fog jokes come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality….



I connected my new phone to the cloud, then I had mist calls.


I saw a motorway sign saying “Fog Ahead”. Couldn’t spot it though, it was far too misty.


I heard there were fog patches on the motorway. I guess that means it’s trying to give up Fog.


Sad to see the end of my boiling water. It will be mist.


Spoke to some scientists who were studying the odder aspects of fog. They were mystified.


I kept bumping into ducks and chickens in the fog yesterday.  Fowl weather.


I was confused about where to keep my Fog, then I bought a cloud storage plan.


How do you wrap up some fog? With a rainbow…


What’s worse for traffic than when it’s foggy?  When it’s hailing taxis.


I used some magic to make some fog laugh. It was mist tickle.


Who is fog’s favourite relative? His anticyclone.


It’s so cold and foggy outside that I kept making mistakes when I tried to send text messages.  I think that it’s the early stages of typothermia.


I was out in the fog yesterday and I kept bumping into falling coins.  I guess that’s what they mean by some change in the weather.





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