surrounding it with rhubarb wire

Rhubarb Jokes

This week’s one liners and puns take the form of rhubarb jokes.  As always, they come with no guarantee of originality or hilarity…



I’m protecting my allotment from burglars by surrounding it with rhubarb wire.


My neighbour puts manure on his rhubarb.  I prefer custard.


Where does rhubarb go for a drink?  The salad bar.


Following a recipe, says I need: sticks of rhubarb, five cubed. 125 sounds like a lot of rhubarb for a pie…


Told the doctor I had some rhubarb growing out of my head. He said he had some cream for it.


A rhubarb crumble walks into a bar. The barman says “sorry, we don’t serve food”.


A lorry load of rhubarb has crashed on the motorway. It’s caused a huge jam.


I tried growing genetically modified rhubarb but it’s gone pear shaped.


Heard about someone who stole some rhubarb.  He ended up in custardy.


Bought some rhubarb, the label said “store in a cool place”. So I left it in the Doctor Who studios.


Why was the rhubarb by himself? Because the banana split.





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