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Bat Jokes

This week’s page of puns and one liners takes the form of bat jokes. AS normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…


How does Dracula find his way around Transylvania? He uses Bat Nav.


A baby mouse went home on Halloween after seeing a bat and told his mum he’d seen an angel.


If you have a wombat and a womble, you have everything you need to play wom.


A met a vampire bat who has an online dating site. Love at first byte.


What’s the best way to hold a bat? By the handle.


I saw some vampires who were good at high wire acts. Acro-bats.


Why did the bat cross the road? TO prove he wasn’t chicken.


What’s even more clever than a talking bat? A spelling bee.


I saw Batman shampoo in the local supermarket. Can’t understand why they aren’t selling conditioner Gordon.


What flies and goes “moo”? A bat learning a new language.


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