Tap Jokes

This week’s puns and one liners are all on the topic of Tap Jokes. As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality

I woke up this morning with a tap on the door. The plumber thinks he’s funny.

I thought a pig was tapping my phone because there was so much crackling on the line.

My broken tap keeps getting fitter and fitter. It won’t stop running.

A recent survey shows that 75% of people wouldn’t open their door to an abandoned water basin and taps. Let that sink in.

Had a night out with Spinal Tap. We went eleven pin bowling.

When I was at the zoo, I saw something like a frog tapping things out on a piece of wood. Turned out it was a morse toad.

I tried to sell broken taps but it didn’t work. The market was flooded.

I turned the tap off, took out the plug, and fell asleep beside the sink. I woke up feeling drained.

My dog is a rubbish tap dancer. He has two left feet.

Turning my barn into a summerhouse. Got electricity in place, thinking of connecting up the tap, but that might just be a pipe dream.

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