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It’s my dog Berta‘s birthday – or rather, the anniversary of when she came home with us as we don’t the date of her actual birthday – this weekend, so in her honour, here are some dog jokes.  I hope that you like them, and I will tell them to Berta later to see how she reacts.  I’m not expecting too much…  As usual, don’t expect them to be original or funny.




A friend’s dog swallowed a cushion. The vet has described its condition as comfortable.


Friend’s dog just got a place in a canine display team. It wasn’t easy, he had to jump through hoops to get it.


I went to the Isle of Dogs once. Apparently it’s the best friend of the Isle of Man…


I saw a sign on shop door that said ‘Guide Dogs Welcome’. I walked in and was greeted by a Labrador who thanked me for shopping and took my coat


I know someone who has a dog that keeps eating garlic. His bark is worse than his bite.


A friend of my wanted to start collecting dogs. I gave him a couple of pointers.


A local dog gave birth at the side of the road. She got fined for littering.


Threw a ball for my dog last night. It’s a bit extravagant I know but it was his birthday and he looks great in a dinner suit.


I used to have a dog who liked red wine. He was a bordeaux collie.


I know another dog who goes and sits in the corner every time the doorbell rings. He’s a boxer.


Local dog barks at everyone. He’s a cross breed.


My dog keeps barking everytime there is someone at the door. Don’t know why, it’s almost never for her.


Got myself a robot puppy. Dogmatic.


I called my dog Blacksmith. Every time I opened the door, he made a bolt for it.




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