it is only a tributary act

Dance Jokes

The topic for this week’s series of puns is dance jokes, and hopefully these won’t get you moving away from the screen.  As normal, don’t expect too many original moves in this one, and they might not be that funny…




I saw an Irish dancing show today called ‘Streamdance’. It’s not quite as good as ‘Riverdance’, but then it is only a tributary act.


Why don’t ghosts like parties? They have nobody to dance with.


What do ghosts dance to?  Soul music.


Reading a book about a short ballerina.  The girl with the dragging tutu.


I take limbo dancing so seriously that I’d bend over backwards to win a competition.


Why did the ants dance on the jam jar lid? It said twist to open.


What dessert is the best dancer? Merengue.


Where’s the best place to dance in California? San Fran’s Disco.


What sort of dancing goes on in a baker’s shop? Abundance.


What sort of dancing do ducks like? The quackstep.


What do you call a dancing sheep? A baaa-lerina.


Where does a snowman dance? At a snowball.


What sort of mushroom likes to dance? A fungi to be with.


A boy goes up to a girl in a disco and says “would you like to dance?” She says yes. He says “great, can I have your chair then?”


My horse is a rubbish dancer. I think he’s got two left feet.


Wanted to learn to dance so started with salsa  I wanted something I could dip in to.


Poor butterfly wasn’t allowed into the dance. It was a moth ball.


Saw a series of insects dancing on a sports field. It was a cricket ball.




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