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I've managed to cross fairy liquid with hip hop music. I call it Bubble Wrap.
I've managed to cross fairy liquid with hip hop music. I call it Bubble Wrap.

I normally add a page of jokes every Friday, but an exception this week for an additional page of jokes. The last Monday in January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day when the world can celebrate the Sealed Air product that may be ubiquitous but still makes grown ups and children stop what they are doing and taking a surprising amount of pleasure from popping the packets of joy. So, to celebrate, here are some Bubble Wrap jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of originality or hilarity, and these may not deliver as much pleasure as the product itself…




I’ve managed to cross fairy liquid with hip hop music.  I call it Bubble Wrap.


Had a job as a delivery driver once. Had to drop off a huge load of bubble wrap to an office. They told me to pop it in the corner. Took me hours.


Some people thought my idea of replacing Christmas wrapping paper with Bubble Wrap was silly, but at least I made my presents known.


Annoyed that my new Bubble Wrap suit hasn’t gone down well. Everyone is having a pop at me.


Left work with a really impressive package.  Three staplers, a box of pens and a roll of Bubble Wrap.


Imagine the self control required to work in the Bubble Wrap factory.


I thought Bubble Wrap was the cover for the centre of my spirit level.


I ordered some bubble wrap online just to see what it would be wrapped in.


What sort of music does bubble wrap not like? Pop!


Concerned about my friend who wrapped Bubble Wrap around his wooden shoes. Worried he might pop his clogs.


Put some chewing gum in some flatbread. I’m calling it Bubble Wrap.




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