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Remote Control Jokes

We’ve previously had television jokes, and this week’s puns are on a related topic of Remote Control Jokes. As normal they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…




Got offered a television for £50 with a broken volume control & no remote. I couldn’t turn it down.


The local television controller museum has had almost no visitors. People are not remotely interested.


I used to get really annoyed when I wanted to watch a different channel, then I got a new remote control. It’s really helped me change.


First time I saw a universal remote control, I thought to myself “this changes everything”.


Bought a new television remote control with fifty buttons. I was quite surprised they allowed me to pay with buttons.


Used the remote control for my new interactive TV to find out about an old Elvis gig. I had to press one for the money, two for the show…


Flicking through the channels with my remote control, I spotted the World Origami Championships, but it was paper view.


Saw a 70s television programme about two detectives who solve crimes using a TV remote control. Star Key and Hash.




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