chap filling cannelloni

Pasta Jokes

I was driving into Birmingham yesterday thinking about topics for one liners, and as I was traversing Spaghetti Junction -or Gravelly Hill Interchange if you prefer – I thought that Pasta Jokes would make a good topic. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…




Almost dropped a plate of Alphabeti Spaghetti. That could have spelled disaster.


A friend didn’t believe me when I said I was making a car out of noodles. Then she saw me drive pasta.


Where does spaghetti go to dance? The meat ball.


Always wonder if mixing pasta and antipasto is like mixing matter and anti-matter.


Who is the saddest person in the pasta factory? The chap who’s filling cannelloni.


Thought I saw some spaghetti but it was fake. Turned out to be an impasta.


Local scientist takes his dog to work to help experiment on pasta. It’s a labranoodle.


Went to a party and saw people giving each other bits of ravioli. Apparently they were playing pasta parcel.


Asked the waiter how long my spaghetti would be. He said he didn’t know but would measure it.


Standing in the supermarket, I wasn’t sure which pasta to buy. Then the penne dropped.




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