I could tell he was thinking it

Mouse Jokes

This week’s puns and one liners take the form of mouse jokes, and appropriately enough, at least some of them are rather cheesy. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality.



I lost my pet mouse Elvis the other night. He was caught in a trap.


What do angry mice eat at Christmas? Cross Mouse Puddings…


Spotted a mouse in the house. I took a photo, and although he didn’t say cheese, I could tell he was thinking it.


A baby mouse went home on Halloween after seeing a bat and told his mum he’d seen an angel.


Got a new mouse mat today. Hope he uses it and stops leaving little footprints everywhere.


I saw a mouse in my slippers this morning. No idea, they really don’t suit him.


Saw a mouse in a toga recently. Think it was Julius Cheeser.


“We’d like to talk to you about cheeses” – Church Mice.


Lost my job as the rodent keeper at the zoo. No more Mr Mice guy.


Which hotel do mice most often use? The Stilton.


Someone told me that the local police have added a mouse to their animal team, but I think it’s actually a gerbil shepherd.


I saw an opera about a rodent that goes round letting the air out of tyres. Deflator Mouse.


A chap sees a mouse sitting on a seat beside him in the cinema eating popcorn. He says “what are you doing here?” The mouse says, “well, I enjoyed the book”.


If you are sad that you have lost your smartphone, cheer yourself up by thinking that a mouse family now has a new flat screen TV.




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