on a highway to hull

Exam Jokes

It’s exam season at the moment with lots of people getting their results, so here are some exam jokes. I remember getting my A level results really clearly, best wishes to all those who just got their results. Of course, these jokes as normal come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…




Just go an A, a C, a D and a C in my A Levels and have been accepted by a university in Yorkshire. Im on a highway to Hull.


A friend passed his degree in sound engineering. He got a 1-2-1-2.


A pirate I know just got his exam results. High Cs.


Friend of mine just finished his A levels. he studied music of the 1970s, Scandinavia, the history of Eurovision and outlandish fashion design. he got ABBA.


My calculator stopped working mid way through my exam. I can’t count on it any more.


Did the tree surgeon entrance exam. First question had me stumped.


Failed my art exam by using the wrong pencil. It just wasn’t 2B.


A friend has found out he’s said going to be a father. He’s passed his priest entry exams.


What sort of exams do witches do? Spelling tests.


What exams do vampire teachers set? Blood tests.


Disappointed to fail my psychic exam. Didn’t see that coming.


I always give 100%. Which is why I lost my job as an exam marker.


Didn’t do well in my football teamwork exam. I didn’t pass.


Bit nervous about my maths exam. Think my chances of passing it are 40-40.


Question from my exam, “what is plagiarism?” So I copied my answer from the person beside me.




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