Chicken Jokes

I think the ghost in the chicken coop was a poultrygheist.
I think the ghost in the chicken coop was a poultrygheist.

The topic for this week’s one liners is chicken jokes, which I was surprised that I had not already put together a page on chickens. As normal don’t expect hilarity or originality. In fact, some are positively fowl.




Where’s the best place to find out about chickens? In a hencyclopedia.


A local farmer thought his chicken coop was haunted. He had to call the eggsocist.


I think the ghost in the chicken coop was a poultrygheist.


How do chickens leave the motorway? They take the eggs-it.


Why did the swan cross the road? It was the chicken’s day off.


Great Eggspectations. A classic novel by Charles Chickens.


Why did the chicken sit on an axe? She wanted to hatchet.


Went for a curry the other week, had a chicken tarka. It’s like a chicken tikka but a little otter.


What is a chicken racing driver’s favourite part of the car? The Eggs-celerator.


Watched a chicken cross the road. It was poultry in motion.


I was grilling a chicken last night. “For the last time, why did you cross the road?”


A chicken and an egg walk into a bar. The barman says, “Who’s first?”


What do you call a chicken in a shell suit? An egg.


Local amateur poultry team had their new star striker chicken banned. Apparently he was a professional fowl.


Why did the clown cross the road? To get his rubber chicken.


What direction do chickens swim in a pool? Cluck wise.


Asked in a local restaurant how they prepare their chickens. Chap said “We just tell them straight that they’re going to die”.


I made some jerk chicken today. He didn’t even say thank you.




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