Chair Joke

Chair Jokes

The topic for this week’s collection of puns and one-liners is chair jokes. Here are a series of particularly short jokes on the topic.  As normal, they come with no guarantees of funniness or originality…



A friend of mine failed his chair exam. He’s going to resit.


How do you make a hot dog stand? Take it’s chair away.


I bought a rocking chair. It keeps playing Black Sabbath.


What does ET stand for? Because someone stole his chair.


I went I to the job centre and asked if they had any furniture removal jobs. The chap  said, ‘Take a seat’


Bought a new recliner chair. Apparently if I don’t like it, I can take it back.


A chap goes up to a someone in a disco and says “would you like to dance?” She says yes. He says “great, can I have your chair then?”


Not happy. Someone has stolen my chair. I’m not going to take this sitting down.


I was working in a call centre when an irate caller asked to speak to someone higher up. So I stood on a chair.



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