Sandwich Jokes

This week’s topic for one liners is sandwich jokes, so hopefully you will like the filling here.  As normal, they do not come with any guarantee of either originality or hilarity….




A sandwich walks into a bar. The barman says “we don’t serve food”.


What is yellow and white and travels at 500 miles per hour?  A pilot’s egg sandwich.


I completed my toasted sandwich sticker album earlier today. It’s by Panini.


Bought a new HP printer recently. The ink is a bit funny but tastes great on a bacon sandwich.


Some friends are discussing the best way to make a toasted sandwich. I’m playing Breville’s Adovcate.


The best way to stop a sandwich curling is to hide its brushes.


Friends told me to bring bangers and rockets to their fireworks party. My sausage and peppery lettuce sandwiches didn’t go down well.


Had a mean sandwich the other day. Tasted average.


I’d tell you the joke about some jam on a piece of bread but you might spread it.


Saw a sign in a cafe that said they serve breakfast at any time. I asked for a bacon sandwich during the Industrial Revolution.




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