Lost by a neck

Giraffe Jokes

I asked my wife what the subject should be for this week’s one-liners, and she suggested giraffes.  I have no idea why.  So, here is a collection of giraffe jokes, and some are contributed by Mrs H.  As normal, they come with no guarantee of funniness or originality…




A teacher asks the class to name ten animals that you might find in Africa.  One of the pupils replies, “nine elephants and a giraffe”.


I gambled on a giraffe race the other day.  Mine came second.  Lost by a neck.  It was nowhere near.


Local giraffe graduated early from university.  He was head and shoulders above his class.


Had an argument with a giraffe once, and waited week for him to apologise. Takes them ages to swallow their pride.


Local zoo only has giraffes.  Giraffic Park.


A friend of mine says that he’s eating an odd animal in an exotic game restaurant.  I think he’s having a giraffe.


I’ve just bought a giraffe online.  Not sure if it will be delivered though, I suspect it’s a tall order.


…and my wife’s favourite giraffe joke that had her doubled in two with laughter…  What’s green and hangs from trees?  Giraffe snot.




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