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Halloween Jokes

It’s 1st November, or All Saints’ Day, meaning that yesterday was Hallowe’en, so here are a few unoriginal and not that funny Halloween jokes that may give you more of a fright than a laugh…




I’ve noticed that ghosts in lifts always seem to be happy. I think it raises the spirits.


Why don’t ghosts like parties? They have nobody to dance with…


A local farmer thought his chicken coop was haunted. He had to call the eggsocist.


I think the ghost in the chicken coop was a poultrygheist.


Another local chap failed to pay the exorcist, and ended up getting repossessed.


I threw a ghostly boomerang ten years ago, and then it ended up appearing from nowhere and hitting me. I knew it would come back to haunt me.


Heard two witches telling jokes. Broom broom.


Ghosts are rubbish at lying. You can see right through them.


How many witches does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one. They change them into frogs.


What do you do if zombies are attacking your house? Surround it with treadmills.


Spellchecker: a quality assurance device for witches.


A baby mouse went home on Halloween after seeing a bat and told his mum he’d seen an angel.




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