professional fowl

Game Jokes

The topic for this week’s one liners and puns is game jokes. As normal, these come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…




Saw an owl having a game of chess with a bird with a big beak. I thought “toucan play that game.”


Never tell a golfer you’re feeling below par. They think it’s a good thing.


What game do horses play at home? Stable tennis.


Love playing chess with people I meet in the park. Really hard to find thirty two of them willing to take part, though.


Local amateur poultry football team had their new star striker chicken banned. Apparently he was a professional fowl.


One cup asks another if he wants to see which once can hold most coffee. The other says, “no, that’s a mug’s game”.


Went to a Board Game themed Fancy Dress competition, but knew I wasn’t going to win win with my incomplete Monopoly themed outfit. I had no chance. Or Community Chest.


Not surprised by the high divorce rate among tennis players. Love means nothing to them.


Saw a group of pheasants & partridges dressed as clowns. I thought, “they’re game for a laugh”


A new tennis player goes to the library and asks for books about aces. “No way”, says the librarian, “you won’t return them”.


How will the second shot go in this frame of snooker? Find out after the break.


Friend of mine just lost a game of Scrabble. Didn’t look good from the word go.


I like playing telekinetic snooker but you have to be in the right frame of mind




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