Disappointing Jokes

Arguably many of the pages on this site are full of disappointing jokes… this week’s puns and one liners are all on the topic of Disappointing Jokes. As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…


Disappointed at the local airport information desk. I asked them which island had the largest airport and they didn’t know!


Disappointed to fail my psychic exam. Didn’t see that coming.


Bought a new plane the other day. Disappointed that they wouldn’t let me keep the hangar.


“I’m Not So Excited” – the Disappointer Sisters


Out shopping and disappointed with the changing room in this shop. I’ve gone in to it five times now and it’s still the same.


Disappointed at the Haribo Star Wars collection. They’re all chewy.


I always find gravity disappointing. It always brings me down.


I went to a really disappointing house party once. Only one house turned up.


Saw Darth Vader looking disappointed working out of the phone shop. They didn’t have the androids he was looking for.


Bought a book called 1001 Uses for Binary. Got home and was disappointed to find out there were only nine entries.


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